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About us

Russian-Serbian company IC ELEKTROLUČ from Belgrade was founded as a company for distributing LED lighting in the market both in Serbia and the region. The opening of manufacturing plant in Serbia is being planned.  
This company is associated with Russian company “Inženjerski centar ELEKTROLUČ”, which is a leader on the Russian market of lightning equipment for specific purposes. This company was founded in 1977. in the City of Gagarin as a branch of Special construction-technical bureau for lightning and visual-signaling equipment.

The company “IC Elektroluč” d.o.o.. Belgrade possesses Serbian Declaration of Conformity for its LED lightning being used in explosion-endangered areas, such as plant for oil and gas processing and transportation, as well as other industries.
“Inženjerski centar ELEKTROLUČ” from the City of Gagarin in Russia possesses a vast array of manufacturing, testing, and constructing capacities which enable finding solutions even to the most complex demands in the field of lighting and visual-signaling
Industrial LED lightning is specially designed for operating in high-temperature areas, areas of increased vibrations, and exposure to dust.

LED lightning application in cultivating tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, and flowers in greenhouses increases crop yields and goes with implementing modern technologies in stated cultures cultivation.

Offer in collaboration

The company “IC Elektroluč” ltd. offers cooperation in the field of designing, delivering, and installing LED lightning in explosion-endangered areas, industrial plants, and public spaces (streets, squares, parks) as well as lightning used in plant cultivation in greenhouses



IC Elektroluč d.o.o.
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